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Hiking in the Tarn and Aveyron

We offer you beautiful hikes with family and friends on the Bastide d'Albignac as well as tours in the Tarn and Aveyron.

Tours in the forest that will allow you to spend a pleasant time in the middle of nature to explore the trees, birds, butterflies ...

The sweetness of nature will transport you to a haven of peace.


Hiking in the regions of the Bastide d'Albignac

For the pleasure of adults and children alike

Hiking tours in the Tarn and Aveyron

For the pleasure of adults and children alike

Some of the hikes

close to the Bastide d'Albignac

Live your passion for hiking

From Combradet to Frayssines

Two small villages nestled on the Tarn hillsides in the middle of a beautiful and peaceful nature. The river "Tarn" which meanders through the valley, paths lined with small dry stone walls which once linked the two villages are full of history .

Easy to use
7.86 km
299 m

On the Coteaux de Trébas

A hike to discover the small heritage above Trebas.
A tour that will take you through rural landscapes and green groves.

13.06 km
401 m

From Bonneval to the banks of the Tarn by Saint-André

It is a path with varied landscapes that leads the walker from the heights of Saint-André to the banks of the Tarn. You will follow the GR®36 for half of the route.

16.11 km
549 m

Around the Château de Taurines

Hiking without great difficulty, combining wooded paths and paved roads.
Shaded and pleasant route despite the hilly terrain.

Easy to use
5.16 km
148 m

Mountains and Vaux around Coupiac

This circuit in the middle of stony landscapes and valleys makes it possible to discover the Occitan crosses which mark out all the tour of Coupiac and its castle. A patchwork of hills and valleys all along the route amazes the eye.

17.67 km
521 m

Circuit of the Two Puechs

It is a pretty loop that will lead you, between combes and puechs, through a preserved nature.
Woods and open landscapes will punctuate the path until the return to a superb viewpoint on the remarkable isthmus of Ambialet, a splendid peninsula classified since 1948.

8.77 km
458 m

From Tanus to Las Planques

The chapel of Las Planques is an outstanding example of southern Romanesque art.
It is nestled on a rocky promontory in the middle of the woods and majestically dominates the Gorges du Viaur.

15.88 km
525 m

Crespin Pride Fords

An excursion in the freshness of Andouquette. You will be charmed by this stream that will accompany you all along its gorge. You will be surrounded by unspoilt nature.

17.67 km
234 m

Large Marsal Loop

This is a hike to discover the Tarn valley between Albi and Ambialet. You will walk from the plateaus to the banks of the Tarn river, discovering pretty villages and the hamlet of Nicolaï Greschny.

11.59 km
365 m

Always be cautious and forward-thinking when hiking. Remember to bring a water bottle, a jacket, walking shoes... 

The authors of these sheets cannot be held responsible in case of accident or any inconvenience on the circuits.

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