Château Paulinet - Château de Massuguies

Located 35 km from the Bastide d'Albignac

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For an excursion by car to discover 2 castles classified at historical moments, drive 35km from Le Dourn via the D53. Make the most of it and stop in Paulinet to admire. This magnificent 10th century castle overlooks the Georges de l'Oulas (no visit possible), still on the D53.

15km from Paulinet, extend your exit to Mas au Massuguiés. 

At an altitude of 700 metres, "Château Massuguiés" in the heart of the Lacaune mountains is a 14th century building that can only be visited in July (by appointment on

Return to La Bastide d'Albignac ( 42 km)

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