Mélodie and Sébastien - The effect of the stones, the effect of the drum

Exhibitor at the Salon bien-être on 27 February 2022 at the Bastide d'Albignac

Mélodie: shamanism practitioner, she grew up in the world of stones and will know how to propose you the stone which will accompany you. She will propose you on the show her collection of macramé jewels as well as a large variety of stones from all over the world.

Sébastien: passionate about ancient knowledge and the secrets of our origins, he has explored knowledge that has led him to take an interest in the first peoples and in shamanism. In particular, he has produced PAINTINGS, DRUMS, SHAMANIC HOCHETS, ...

Le Monde du Milieu: It brings together our knowledge and skills in order to be able to offer drum-making courses, meditations, workshops, conferences, etc.

WEBSITE: www.lemondedumilieu.com

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