Jean Luc Priane, Meditation & Qi Gong teacher

Exhibitor at the Salon bien-être on 1 May 2022 at the Bastide d'Albignac

Having lived a childhood with different perceptions from the other children and those around me, I quickly realised that we were not just a body of flesh disappearing after death. I perceived energies, vibrations, strange phenomena, that was my daily life. As a young man, these phenomena became more pronounced, so much so that I really wanted to discover this other reality that I felt.

I quickly became more interested in developing my consciousness than anything else.

I was taught by a particular being who helped me considerably to discover myself, I had other incarnate and non-incarnate guides who showed me the way. And I finally realised that the more I sought enlightenment, the further I was from myself.

Then there were still other mountains and other valleys, where I gradually laid down my wounds, my armour.

From now on my path is the path of lightness. Everything is here... Everything is fine

I discovered meditation, I practiced martial arts, I became a Qi Gong teacher. I have been drawing the Zen tarot for over 20 years. My connection is intuitive.

I offer guided meditations, I organise workshops where I combine certain forms of Qi Gong, focused on letting go, with other practices such as body awareness, development of extra-sensory perceptions. I draw the Zen tarot through consultation which is not a Divinatory tarot, it is a tarot that brings us back to ourselves.

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Jean luc Priane
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