Jawad Merad - Collections of spiritual poetry and scrolls

Exhibitor at the Salon bien-être on 27 February 2022 at the Bastide d'Albignac

A pioneering poet of a new genre and an atypical style, his works, five collections to date, present the spirituality of tomorrow as he has understood it from the teachings of his Master Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov.

In his poems, each stanza, each line, each rhyme, each word vibrates in his heart, his conscience, his soul and his mind to share messages of faith, sometimes revelations, so many seeds of harmony and hope that grace and joy sow in the peace of the Kingdom of God to blossom in the gardens of Happiness

The Tree of Life, the two principles of fire and water, silence, the sun, the stars, the angels, the mountain, the fairies, the roses, the bees... inspire and perfume his universal poetry, intended to awaken in each of us the advent of the future great Golden Age in order to live it one day in fullness.

Who from Heaven on Earth blesses in prayer the paths of divine Light and Love? The answer is written in the Book of Mysteries and can be read on the pages of the Great Book of Nature. Like an invitation to meditation, an ode to divine life, Jawad Merad's "Poetry of the Sun" opens up like a "celestial magic box" so that Good may spread on Earth...

Jawad Merad will present his seven collections of spiritual poetry and some scrolls.

Website: https: //poesiedusoleil.com/

spiritual poetry
spiritual poetry
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