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Educational farm 

It will be our pleasure to share with you our passion for animals. 

For the pleasure of children and adults you can participate in the well-being of ponies, donkeys, mules, geese, ducks, chickens. 

You can also discover exotic animals such as pogonas, water dragon, lizard, Regus python. 

An aviary with different breeds of birds also awaits you.

For animal lovers

Discover the farm animals


The ponies and the mule

A pony, called a dwarf horse in Louisiana, is, according to the common definition, a small horse with a particular conformation and temperament. There are many breeds of ponies.

Source: Wikipedia

They're docile and they love to cuddle.

The geese

Goose is an ambiguous vernacular name in French. Geese are a group of birds belonging to the Anatidae family, which also includes swans and ducks. The term "goose" does not specifically refer to species of the genus Anser, or even to species of the subfamily Anserinae.

Source: Wikipedia

The ducks

"Duck" is an umbrella term for waterfowl with short necks, broad flattened yellow bills, very short webbed feet and long pointed wings. They may or may not be domesticated. Most are members of the Anatidae family.

Source: Wikipedia


Pogona is a genus of lizards in the family Agamidae.

Source: Wikipedia

They are very docile, demand attention and like to be manipulated.

The llamas

The white llama or llama (Lama glama) is a domestic camelid from South America. Its longevity is between 10 and 20 years.

Source: Wikipedia


Donkey is the vernacular name given to certain species of four-legged ungulate mammals of the Equidae family, smaller than the horse, with long ears and protruding spine.

Source: Wikipedia

Very affectionate, they like human presence.

The chickens

Gallus gallus domesticus, in English the domestic hen, the domestic cockerel, is a subspecies of the order Galliformes.

Source: Wikipedia

We have laying hens, ornamental hens. They're not meant to be eaten. 

Gascon Pig

The Gascon pig is a local breed of pig from south-western France belonging to the Gascon pig breed, emphasising its ethnic identity and originality.

Source: Wikipedia

Her name is Bichette. She's not meant to be eaten. 

The python regus

The Royal Python is a species of snake in the Pythonidae family. It is the smallest of the African pythons and a popular pet. No subspecies is recognized to this day. It is a constrictor snake, it is given the vernacular name of Royal Python or Ball Python.

Source: Wikipedia

The water dragon

Physignathus is a genus of large, arboreal, diurnal agamid lizard, more commonly known as a water dragon. The two species are the Chinese water dragon (P. cocincinus) and the Australian water dragon (P. lesueurii). They are sometimes kept as pets, especially P. cocincinus.

Source: Wikipedia

The forest

The property benefits from forests with different trees such as chestnuts, French oaks, ashes, acacias ...

As lovers of nature and animals, we act for the protection and respect of their environment. 

They are pampered, loved and we pay attention to their well-being and comfort. 

You wish to entrust us with your pet!

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