Fanchon Viala Manager Forever Wellness - Fitness - Beauty 

Exhibitor Wellness exhibition on 27 February 2022 at the Bastide d'Albignac

I offer you a unique range of exceptional products and guide you on the path to wellness.

 "Internally, Aloe vera pulp is an outstanding anti-fatigue agent, prized by the traditional Indian pharmacopoeia". 

Aloe vera is a medicinal plant that brings a lot to our body; it relieves pain, reduces fatigue, relieves intestinal discomforts, improves sleep, reduces stress, helps with weight management and is a very good support for the practice of sport even in competition. It is also the plant of the skin: hydrates, soothes dermatitis, heals, regenerates...

 "Take Aloe vera ... and you Vera! " 

I look forward to welcoming you to my stand for a tasting of Aloe vera drinks.

I propose a conference on the theme: "Why drink Aloe vera? " 

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