Delphine plancke - Radiesthesia, cartomancy

Exhibitor at the Salon bien-être on 27 February 2022 at the Bastide d'Albignac

Behind the elf soul, it's me Delphine.

I offer energetic care of people or places via dowsing, by a very complete process which allows the research, the cleaning of pollutions and the purification and the re-harmonization of your body or place of life.
A treatment with l'âme d'elfe is a complete accompaniment.

On the show I will have the honour to offer you another of my services : guidance via cartomancy or the pendulum, via 15 or 30 min sessions.
A guidance with me is an accompaniment, which often starts with a capture of your state of mind, your energy of the moment and your concerns, then the energies, the messages that you must perceive for your future.
I deliver all these messages with kindness and accuracy of the soul.
I have full confidence in what I am asked to transmit to you to enable you to prepare yourself, to dare, to move forward, with serenity and love, towards yourself.

You can find me on my facebook page or on instagram.

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