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I am Sylvie, a graduate of the French Yoga Federation, Yoga Alliance and trained at the RYE (Research on Yoga in Education). Previously in charge of dissemination in the performing arts and creator of Peace & Juice, I have always been attracted by joyful and colourful worlds. Since YOGA has become part of my daily life, it has added contrast, depth and a real listening to myself. By its dynamic nature and therefore often in motion, YOGA has also taught me to slow down and appreciate stillness.

Oscillating between movement and immobility, yang and yin, in order to find my own balance, has become my daily search, which I wish to share today in my classes of Vinyasa Yoga (dynamic), Yin Yoga (soft) and yoga for children and in companies.

Why yoga?

Before I encountered yoga, I searched for years on the path to Myself. After being inspired by dance, poetry, music, the different cultures and ways of life on the planet, Yoga revealed one of the most reassuring truths in the world: we have all the necessary resources to find happiness within ourselves!

After graduating in 2003, I didn't really flourish in my first career in marketing, glorious for others but empty of deep satisfaction for myself. My life took a first turning point when I created my smoothies baravane, Peace & Juice, in 2011. My quest for identity was slowly moving towards more well-being and consistency with my values, but I felt that in the middle of this life at a thousand miles an hour, I was lacking the tools to stabilize myself and make my happiness a state I would expect on my own, independently of others. That's when I met yoga.

My travels in India, Indonesia, the United States, Costa Rica, Colombia have allowed me to explore multiple facets of Yoga with very inspiring teachers such as Gérard Arnaud, Simon Synergie?

From now on I am looking for a constant balance between movement and immobility; I find my own balance and new sensations that I am keen to share with all my students. I therefore offer Vinyasa Yoga (dynamic), Yin Yoga (soft), Yoga for children, for individuals, in companies and also on atypical events and places (off-road yoga or nomadic yoga!).

I like to adapt to different audiences, places and events in order to bring Yoga into them in the most obvious and gentle way possible. This is the philosophy of yoga that suits me: we don't have to adapt to yoga, yoga has to adapt to us.

Vinyasa Yoga

I offer Vinyasa Yoga classes adapted to all levels. It is a dynamic Yoga, a fluid practice of postures (asanas), initiated and harmonized by the breath. Vinyasa is the ideal yoga to develop strength, endurance, improve flexibility, all while listening to yourself. It provides physical and psychic benefits. On the physical level, it allows the evacuation of toxins and energizes the body as a whole. On the mental level, the fact of synchronizing the breathing with the movements makes it possible to focus on the present moment, to slacken the spirit and to release the blockages of energy in the body.

The postures practiced allow to work the body around three axes: stretching, muscle strengthening and breathing (pranayama). Throughout the session, attention is focused on breath, postural alignment and self-awareness. The work on balance also leads to more balance in one's daily life, as well as more well-being.

Yin Yoga

Yin represents immobility. It invites us to slow down through a practice of soft and minimalist postures. Yin Yoga helps to strengthen connective tissues (joints, tendons and ligaments) through postures held for 3 to 5 minutes. Inspired by Taoist philosophy and traditional Chinese medicine, Yin Yoga is a gentle yoga that plunges us into slowness and listening to ourselves.

I will guide you at each session to allow you to observe the sensations that can be born in the body, different in the same posture according to the day, the mood, the season... and allow you to discover yourself a little more each day.

A deep practice does not mean too serious, that is why I like to teach in joy and create a sacred space where everyone is invited to reconnect with their inner child, to the essential, to the simplicity of the present moment. It is not a question of "letting go", but of "letting yourself be", without judgment or expectation.

Children's Yoga

Playful and rythmed by music, the practice of yoga allows the child to better know himself physically and to better manage his emotions. Suitable for children from 6 to 10 years old, the yoga I offer is both fun and easy to practice. Each session is composed of a warm-up, an adapted practice of postures then breathing exercises, to finish with a moment of relaxation.

The virtues of yoga for children are numerous. It promotes emotional balance by encouraging them to concentrate and develop their attention span, teaching them to channel and manage their emotions, as well as to calm and reduce stress and feel more confident. On a purely physical level, yoga can help them get to know their bodies better, become more aware of their breathing and improve their flexibility.

I don't use "discipline" in my classes for children because I want to let them find what is good for them in yoga, and come back to find it in practice. I sometimes use benevolent communication tools and games to liven up the session (weather, moods, etc.). Everyone evolves at his or her own pace and according to his or her possibilities. And because learning takes place while having fun, all sessions are punctuated by laughter and music!

Corporate Yoga

Because work often takes up most of our time, it is vital to feel good about it. Doing yoga and meditation in the workplace means putting yourself in "plane mode" for a defined period of time, with your colleagues, to do something together that will do you good. To have a better physical posture, a clearer and more available mind, to develop a link with others while being centered in oneself, for a group energy that will inevitably be modified, high, light and luminous... simply to feel good at work.

The practice of yoga at work is beneficial both physically and psychologically. In particular, it strengthens deep muscles, improves flexibility, exercises the spine, promotes concentration, relaxes the body and mind through relaxation, manages breathing and, above all, relieves stress!

Occupational medicine acknowledges it, the practice of yoga at work helps to alleviate or eliminate back and neck pain related to sitting positions and migraines due to screens. This is why I work mainly on back bends, psoas stretching and on opening the heart to counterbalance long sitting positions. Beyond the postural side, the practice of yoga will also help you to manage situations of stress, anxiety or intense work through breathing and relaxation.

Finally, devoid of any competitive spirit, this practice can bring or reinforce the benevolence and collective spirit necessary for any team and individual to function well.

Sylvie garin
Sylvie garin

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