Christel Choquet - Personal development coach

Exhibitor at the Salon bien-être on 27 February 2022 at the Bastide d'Albignac

 I am a self-employed personal development coach.

I work with people who need to acquire or develop human skills (self-confidence, communication, analysis of personal resources and their development, resilience, interpersonal relations...etc.) but also who want to achieve their goals, whether they are personal and/or professional (stress management, time management, organisation, assertiveness, leadership, self-transcendence...etc.)

What I love about my work is the contact with my clients, and to accompany them, thanks to my personalised coaching offer, to the achievement of their objectives according to their situation.

My personal values are also those that I hold as a professional coach: authenticity in relationships, respect and confidentiality in exchanges, and benevolence in the exercise of my coaching.

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