Aux Goûts Des Sens - Candies flavoured with essential oils

Exhibitor at the Salon bien-être on 27 February 2022 at the Bastide d'Albignac

Since 2016, I have been making handmade sweets flavoured with essential oils, in the spirit of old-fashioned confectionery, using organic cane sugar and gluten-free organic wheat syrup. The essential oils used are organic or chemotyped, as well as natural or organic flavours. There are no chemical colourings, preservatives, lactose or traces of nuts. The sachet contains 20 g.

I also offer powdered drinks made from organic sweets flavoured with EO that can be consumed cold or hot. We thus obtain a scented water whose goal is to quench our thirst while taking advantage of the benefits of essential oils. The box contains 14 individual infusettes which allow to prepare at least 2 L of drink.

I also offer homemade fruit jellies, which are very rich in fruit (at least 73%) and contain little sugar. They are ideal for sportsmen and women... and all gourmets! The bag contains 60 g.

For the little ailments of everyday life: headache, sleep, digestion, aches and pains..., I suggest herbal teas. The bag contains a refillable zipped pocket of 25 g.

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