Auriac-lagast - A breath of fresh air

Located 29 km from the Bastide d'Albignac

Photo credit: Wikipedia

Heading 30 km south-east of Rodez, not far from the regional nature park of the Grands Causses, you will come across the small Auriac-Lagast village in Aveyron. The Auriacois are not very numerous but they will warmly welcome you to their corner of paradise, a little-known wonder of the Massif Central.

This quiet village is the gateway to a refreshing forest, protected from man-made damage, the Lagast State Forest. It is a real breath of fresh air for urban dwellers in need of oxygen and a haven of peace for all those who need to recharge their batteries. Overlooking the area with their majestic stature, rows of beech trees and century-old fir trees will offer you an invigorating shade to face the hot summer days. As you walk through the 89 hectares at your disposal, you will have the pleasure of discovering some very interesting attractions.

First, you can take the marked beech interpretation trail, during which you will have fascinating information on the development of this species. At noon, a picnic area will allow you to eat directly on site, in the middle of nature. Then, at the end of the pyramid path, an observation point at altitude will offer you an exceptional panorama of the region and a breathtaking view of the Pyrenees. To end the day, do not miss the path that leads to the ruins of the old glass furnace, they will immerse you in the history of local crafts.

As you will have understood, the village of Auriac-Lagast is an essential stopover if you come and visit the Réquistanais. It is an exceptional place that has this exquisite charm that can only be found in the southwest of France.

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